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Atomic-Swap For Smart-Contracts

In our previous post about sending Dai between chains we did not mention smart-contracts. We showed how to send Dai from an account on Kovan to the same account on Tobalaba. This does not work if your tokens sit in a multi-sig smart-contract or are held by a uPort identity. REGISTERING ADDRESS PAIRS In order to transfer

Atomic-Swap For Smart-Contracts2019-11-18T14:23:22+01:00

DAI Stable Coin For Share&Charge On The Energy Web Chain

One of the biggest challenges at the interface of crypto-world and real life applications is the neat solution of payment with “stable coins” to avoid volatility for end users. In our Share&Charge solution this would make charging of electric vehicles tremendously easier compared to the status quo with different settlement or ad-hoc payment methods. As

DAI Stable Coin For Share&Charge On The Energy Web Chain2019-05-20T13:40:20+02:00

Open-Sourcing of Share&Charge

As promised in yesterday’s post about the architecture we have the pleasure to open-source all our work so far. It is subject to the permissive MIT license so feel free to fork. The entry point should be the documentation repository which contains instructions on how to use the tools and which tools to use. The

Open-Sourcing of Share&Charge2019-05-20T13:40:48+02:00