Project Description

eRoaming based on OCPI with Easy Connect

Provide your customers with interoperable Electric Vehicle charging services
– simple, secure and cost-efficient.

Your easy connection to the Open Charging Network

Easy Connect makes your Charge Point Operator or eMobility Service Provider solutions interoperable – simple, secure and cost-efficient. It is your access point to the Open Charging Network, the next-level network for eRoaming services based on the Open Charge Point Interface. 

Benefit from the following services for your OCPI based Electric Vehicle charging product:

  • Tec and Business support for OCPI
  • Onboarding to the Open Charging Network
  • OCN Node Operation as a Service

Be connected to all parties on the Open Charging Network, without worrying about the technical setup.

eMobilify Easy Connect
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Unlimited OCPI partnerships with just one API

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Connect with your OCPI 2.2 API within minutes and be interoperable with every party on the Open Charging Network – with no additional technical integration needed.

Highest availability of your eRoaming service with no strategic lock-in effect

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Never worry again about technical risks and strategic positioning with your eRoaming connection. Easy Connect ensures highest reliability and prevents vendor lock-in effects.

Reduce your eRoaming costs with simple Software-as-a-Service pricing

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Say good-bye to high connection or eRoaming fees and welcome simple SaaS pricing. Just as easy as with any other software today.